F37® Foundry


If your question is not answered below, or you require additional support, please contact [email protected]. We are available between the hours of 9am - 5pm GMT Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays), and aim to respond to your email within 48 hours. 

What is a F37® Foundry Basic Licence?

Our Basic Licence allows you to use (forever and across the world) the fonts which you purchase from us to get creative, make items, promote your business, create videos and images, generate documents and reports for your brand, all as within the fair use limits as set out in the terms within the PDF below.

The licence is per company, so if you want each member of your business group to have access to and use of the fonts, or if you want to use the fonts for multiple brands, you can purchase more licences or contact us to see whether a Brand Font Licence may be more suitable. 


How much does a F37® Foundry Basic Licence cost?

The more people you have working for and with you, the higher the cost, as you would expect. The level which you select is determined by the number of Employees (which includes contractors and workers) you have in your business group. If you have more than 250, you will need to contact us so we can determine whether a Brand Font Licence may be more suitable.

What is a F37® Foundry Webfont Licence?

Seems a bit of an obvious answer, but our Webfont Licence allows you to use our fonts on your website hosted on a permitted server. It includes use on all subpages of your website and there are no territorial restrictions, so you don't have to worry when your business goes global! 


How much does a F37® Foundry Webfont Licence cost?

Quite simply, it's based on page views per month (or PVPM). With only 4 choices available, you don't have to be psychic to predict exact website numbers! 

We've capped our top level licence available online at 2.5million PVPM, as we think it'll be better for you to contact us to discuss entering into a Brand Font licence if you are getting such epic traffic! 

What is a F37® Foundry Social Media Licence?

It's the complete licence for all your social media needs! Whether you Tweet, upload videos to TikTok or post pics on Instagram, this licence is for your brand. Create social media assets (images, GIFs, videos etc.) using our fonts and share them across all your social media platforms and the social media platforms of your influencers or brand promoters. 

The licence also allows third parties access to and use of the font to help you create social media assets for your brand. 

How much does a F37® Foundry Social Media Licence cost?

Like page views with our Webfont Licence, the price is based on the number of people who will see your use of our fonts for your brand. The price is based on followers / subscribers, primarily which you have, but if you decide to use an Influencer so that your brand reaches a larger audience, it is based on the combined number of followers / subscribers. 

Promoted and sponsored ads and posts on social media platforms are permitted - just make sure your licence covers the total audience which you intend to reach. Simples.

What is a F37® Foundry Application Licence?

Our App Licence allows you to embed our fonts within your App made available through Apple's App Store, Google's Play Store, Microsoft Store and other common application stores and marketplaces.

It doesn't matter how much your App costs or if it is made available on multiple recognised application platforms. It even allows your chosen developers to work with the fonts whilst creating your masterpiece.


How much does a F37® Foundry Application Licence cost?

The price which you pay is determined by the number of downloads which your App has (or how many you estimate you'll get). It's not an annual fee, a fee per platform, per person working on your App or determined by reference to the cost of your App. It's simply a choice of 1 of 4 available tiers. If you have (or predict) more than 2.5million downloads of your App, you should get in contact with us, as it is likely that a Brand Font Licence will be better for you. 

What is a F37® Foundry Logo Licence?

Our Logo Licence allows you and your selected partners to create your logo using our fonts, which can then be used everywhere – on or within products, on merchandise, in advertising, and on all your websites and social media accounts used in connection with the brand.

You can create the logo in any colour or colour combination, but if you want more than one version of your logo, then you must purchase another logo licence. If you want to adjust certain characters for the purpose of your logo, please get in touch with us so we can determine if it is possible and provide you with the additional costs.  

The licence is per brand (i.e. for use with one brand), so if you want to utilise our font for multiple brands or product lines within your business, you can purchase more licences or contact us to see whether a Brand Font Licence may be more suitable.


How much does a F37® Foundry Logo Licence cost?

The more people you have working for and with you, the higher the cost, as you would expect. The level which you select is determined by the number of Employees (which includes contractors and workers) you have in your business group. If you have more than 250, you will need to contact us so we can determine whether a Brand Font Licence may be more suitable.

What is a F37® Foundry Trial Font Licence?

Love our fonts, but not ready to purchase just yet? Do you need to see how they work for your brand before committing? Need to create mock-ups?

You can get access to all of our fonts for free with our Trial Font Licence (see the PDF below) to help you decide. You won't get all the glyphs, but you'll have more than enough to work with before you commit to a purchase with us.


What’s a F37® Foundry Studio Licence?

If you provide creative services to clients which includes presenting fonts, then we want you to recommend ours! We are priviledged to work with many amazing designers, agencies and studios around the world and want them to see all we've got and all we can do so that clients are left with a simple choice; which F37® font to go with!

If you are interested in becoming one of our preferred suppliers who benefit from free access to our entire catalogue of fonts (including some not yet available for general sale), please register your interest by contacting us

What happens if I go over the numbers allowed for my licence option? Can I pay for more?

We take it on trust for you to let us know when you go over the licence limits - with only 4 levels available, it shouldn't be too taxing! We’ll also check-in with you from time to time, and may be able to offer discounts to extend your licence. With any luck, these will come at a time when it makes sense for you to upgrade rather than wait until you exceed your current licence. 

I’ve already bought a Basic Licence, but now need an Application Licence. Are discounts for multiple licences available after purchase?

Please contact us within 7 days of purchase. Generally, discounts are only available when more than one licence is ordered at the same time. No discounts are available for retrospective licences, where our licences have been breached or where there’s no licence in place.

Can I buy a licence for someone else?

Whoever will be using the fonts needs to purchase the correct licence from us. But whilst you can't purchase on behalf of someone else, you can populate the cart and share the link, so that the recipient can purchase what you have selected for them. 

Most of our licences allow a certain number of ceatives to access and use our fonts to work on matters for their clients, so check with your client before purchasing from us.  

Can I modify or alter your fonts?

We will need to carry out any modification to our fonts, so please contact us to see what we can do for you. There are many reasons for this, but most importantly it is to protect our copyright and the rights of our existing clients (who often have an exclusive licence for certain modifications of our fonts). You’ll also need permission for any modifications to our fonts for use as your logo. 

Why are there only 4 options for each licence?

We’ve tried to make our licensing model straightforward and simple to use. Whislt the feedback we've received so far has been extremely positive, there will of course, be some who feel hard done by (i.e. companies with 6 employees paying the same as those with 24 employees) - but it’s swings and roundabouts and things will even out in the end. With only 4 options and levels of payment within each licence category, it makes it really easy to manage whilst you grow.

Are your fonts available elsewhere?

Quite simply, no. Our fonts are sold exclusively on our website and/or directly via our sales team. They can’t be obtained from any third party, so if you see them for sale or download on another website, they’re likely to be illegal copies or fakes. If you see any of our fonts for sale or download elsewhere, please report it to us - there may be an exclusive reward in it for you!

I can’t find a Desktop Licence.

That’s because we don’t offer one any more. It didn’t make sense as part of our licensing model, so we’ve replaced it with our Basic Licence. This licence gives you more rights than typical Desktop licences.